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Kids in Tune is a non-auditioned children and teen choir with the goal of instilling in children a passion for Jesus, music and service.

Noticing the amount of children and musical talent at Madison Campus Church, Gissela Kroll and Faith Martin envisioned this choir becoming an important ministry for the children and the church.


Beginning in 2007, Kids In Tune (KIT) has grown from 25 children to over 75 children today, and since its foundation, dozens of children have been impacted by its mission.


KIT is composed of children ages 4-12, and in 2013, Teens in Tune was created for teens ages 12-14.

By participating in the choir, children have grown not only in their musical ability, but they have also become mindful of serving their church and their community and have grown in their personal relationship with God.

To expand its reach beyond the church building and the community, in 2013 KIT recorded their first album titled Thankful Heart and published a curriculum for choirs and churches.


Celebrating its 10th year, KIT released the Thankful Heart DVD in 2018 with the objective of reaching the homes of children all over the world.

Kids In Tune was back in the studio to record a second album in early 2020. After experiencing roadblocks throughout the year, Freedom of Your Love was finally released in October of 2021. 


God has used KIT to inspire young and old hearts alike to serve and is honored and blessed to be used for His glory!



Gissela Kroll was born and raised in Brazil. She lived in Argentina and California before moving to Tennessee late 2006. Ms. Gissela has sung in various groups and choirs touring all over South America as well as parts of the US. She also has extensive studio experience and loves to arrange music. Most importantly, she is passionate about Jesus, music and children. Ms. Gissela is married to Mark and has three daughters: Kylie, London, and Charli. She loves singing, directing KIT, learning new languages, traveling, playing sports, and eating Dove milk chocolate ice cream bars.



Faith Martin was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in middle Tennessee. She is a nurse practitioner and works as a sales rep for Pfizer. Ms. Faith is married to Mike and has a daughter named Samantha. For fun, she enjoys sewing.

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