When you support Kids In Tune, you support the ministry of the spreading the gospel to children all over the world!


In order to continue to spread Jesus's love through music and provide a curriculum to so many, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We hope to record our second album in 2020 and provide new music not only to our choir, but also to all that use our curriculum as well as the hundreds of thousands of people around the world that listen to Kids in Tune.

Our dream is to finish this project in May of 2020. We can't wait for you to listen to the new songs; some of which written by the youth in our church as well as Kids in Tune alumni. We are already praying that these new melodies and words will be the new sound track for so many little and big hearts.

Please help us continue this very important mission! Our ministry is 100% volunteer and it is only possible with your support and God's blessings.

We are forever grateful! God bless your generosity!