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Thankful Heart Album Release

What a blessing this program was to all who were present at church and to the almost 200 people who watched it online worldwide. We were honored with guest musicians Anna Johnson and her sister, Nc4, Gale Jones Murphy, Monica Korgan and Brittany Shultz. Also, producers Billy Smiley and Chad Carlson, who played their awesome guitars for a few songs on the program. There were over 150 people involved in making this happen. From media and volunteers to musicians, everyone worked together to praise our great God. It was also the debut performance of Teens In Tune, 6th-8th grade singers. They did such an amazing job and looked terrific! : )

KIT sang songs from the album entitled Thankful Heart and we ended by singing How Great Is Our God with everyone involved in the program and the congregation. After the concert, the church joined in the fellowship hall for some cake and fellowship. The kids from the choir got posters, which they quickly got signed by all participants. We were so proud of the choir and how well the kids did! It was a true celebration and we continue to pray that God will lead our ministry. We feel blessed to be a part of it!

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