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Kids in Tune Sing at General Conference!

The goal: Travel to San Antonio,Texas, with 50 children ages four to 14, to sing before a full arena at the 60th General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Session. Kids in Tune, the children’s choir

at Madison Campus Church in Madison,Tennessee, would be the first musical group to represent the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference at a General Conference Session.

The task required a year of cooperation between choir directors, children, parents, church, and Conference. Funds were raised. Logistics were arranged. The children grew more excited as the date neared for their very first choir trip.

The performance was scheduled for the opening Sabbath evening meeting. In the back hallways of the enormous complex, the children met choirs and program participants from Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Brazil, and many other places. What an experience for the children to see first-hand that people from many countries, speaking many different languages, who looked different from themselves,serve and love the same God, and share their beliefs.

One parent shared, “This world is full of the ‘me first’ mentality. It’s about ‘What’s in it for me?’ This experience provided us with an opportunity to put things in the proper spiritual perspective for our

children — that we are here to serve others. If our Lord and Savior came to show us the Father by serving and uplifting others, what possible reason do we have to keep from singing His praises and following His example?”

At last, the time to perform came. The children looked beautiful, acted beautifully, and sang their hearts out for Jesus. As they ended the medley with “How Great is Our God,” they and the thousands of people present at the Alamodome shared in pure, passionate worship as part of one great World Church. At that moment, Heaven seemed a little closer.

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