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Last Performance of the School Year and Farewell to Graduates

Sabbath, May 13 was the final performance of the school year for Kids in Tune, and it was high Sabbath as our church congregation celebrated Mother's Day and also the ordination of our associate pastor.

Kids in Tune performed "Trust in You" and also a new song called "A Child's Prayer." Teens in Tune performed "That I May Dwell." The adult choir and orchestra of Madison Campus joined Kids in Tune on "A Child's Prayer," making it extra special.

The last performance of the school year also means we had to say farewell to our graduates. It is always bittersweet to say goodbye! Many of these kids started choir when they were small enough to stand in the front row, and we've watched them grow over the years and slowly move up to the back row. We send them off with love and encourage them to continue to praise God and serve others through music!


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